Episode 3 - Witch of Salem vs Elder Sign - Gates of Arkham

Here's Episode 3 where we take on two Entry level Cthulhu games, Witch of Salem, which we pit against one of Fantasy Flights more popular entries in this genre Elder Sign with the Gates of Arkham expansion. Then in our Imperial Assault segment we discuss the articles covering the Rebel and Mercenary factions by Zach Bunn and the new troops coming out in the Jabba's Realm expansion from Fantasy Flight games. Outro song is Stuck by Christopher Hawes.

Show Notes


00:02:20 – Witch of Salem
00:03:25 – Rulebook and Components
00:04:45 – Rules Break Down
00:23:25 – Discussion

00:35:50 – Elder Sign – Gates of Arkham
00:38:25 – Rulebook and Components
00:43:22 – Rules Break Down
00:59:00 – Discussion

01:13:20 – Results

01:17:55 – Imperial Assault

01:59:44 - Outro Music - Stuck by Christopher Hawes