Episode 17 - Castles of Burgundy vs Ora et Labora

Here’s episode 17 where we take on two Tableau Building Games that use Set Collection made by two of the heavy hitters in eurogames, Stefan Felds Castles of Burgundy, which we pit against Uwe Rosenbergs Ora et Labora. Then in our Imperial Assault segment we discuss the final previews for Heart of the Empire The Ally and Villain packs for Maul, Emperor Palpatine, and Ahsoka Tano. Outro song is Forbidden World by Caroline.

Show Notes


00:01:15 – Castles of Burgundy
00:02:22 – Rulebook and Components
00:05:40 – Rules Break Down
00:18:55 – Discussion

00:27:35 – Ora et Labora
00:29:15 – Rulebook and Components
00:33:25 – Rules Break Down
00:50:15 – Discussion

01:04:00 – Results

01:11:35 – Imperial Assault

01:39:42 - Outro Music – Forbidden World by Caroline.