Episode 31 - Trajan vs Crusaders: Thy Will be Done

Here’s episode 31 where we take on two hybrid Rondel/Mancala action selection games, We’re looking at Stefan Feld’s Trajan which we pit against Seth Jafee’s Crusaders: Thy Will be Done. Then in our Second segment we discuss the themes in games and our preferences. Outro song is Rome on the Subway by Down to Nine

Show Notes


00:01:18 – Trajan
00:04:58 – Rulebook and Components
00:08:45 – Rules Break Down

00:31:35 – Crusaders: Thy Will be Done
00:33:10 – Rulebook and Components
00:41:25 – Rules Break Down

00:53:58 – Discussion

01:26:33 – Results

01:27:10 – Discussion Topic -Themes in games

01:47:18 – Outro Music –Rome on the Subway by Down to Nine.