Episode 32 - Railways of the World vs Ticket to Ride: Marklin

This episode is a long one, here’s episode 32 where we take on two track building Train games, We’re looking at Martin Wallace’s Railways of the World which we pit against Alan R Moon’s Ticket to Ride: Marklin. Then in our Second segment we discuss our Tomb of Annihilation campaign in detail with Spoilers. Outro song is Track Number Three by Crazy Quilt Bouquet.

Show Notes


00:01:45 – Railways of the World
00:05:22 – Rulebook and Components
00:10:48 – Rules Break Down

00:23:31 – Ticket to Ride: Marklin
00:26:34 – Rulebook and Components
00:30:31 – Rules Break Down

00:39:10 – Discussion

01:12:36 – Results

01:15:45 – Discussion Topic -Tomb of Annihilation Campaign

03:46:53 – Outro Music –Track Number Three by Crazy Quilt Bouquet.